Surita Chakma Unveiling Success in blogging journey

Surita was raised in Mizoram, but because of her parents' line of work, she didn't have a strong connection to her hometown or culture. The only childhood memories she had were of Uttar Pradesh, where she attended school up until the seventh grade. After her family moved to Assam, she finished the rest of her high school coursework there. She adds that "my chakma vocabulary is not so good due to my constant migration from one place to another."

Surita Chakma Unveiling Success in blogging journey

As she grew and began to explore her surroundings, her dreams continued to change, just like every other child's dream. Dreams are something that are continuously changing. She originally had dreams of being an astronaut like Sunita Williams because of how similar their first names were. But she had a strong connection to culture and art, which really intrigued her.

Her experience as a YouTuber began in the 11th grade, when she first learned about the internet and social media. Since that time, she has continued to explore the entertainment industry through YouTube, and after moving to Delhi for further study, she has learned more about the platform. Sejal Kumar served as both her model and her idol.

Since my undergrad days and still today, Surita reportedly said. My motivation to work in this subject is maintained by Sejal's journey and anecdotes. I finally had the confidence to launch my own YouTube channel, and my birthday celebration with pals was the ideal launch day. Well, she had to conduct extensive online and offline research to understand how to create quality videos, so the beginning wasn't simple. She also received a ton of assistance and support from her pals. She claims. The ultimate product of my labor, after editing, is what I appreciate most about this area the most.

Surita Chakma at NestFest, My Home India

Currently, she works part-time as a travel blogger. She hopes to eventually work as a full-time travel blogger where she can share her experiences and travels with all of the viewers. She intends to concentrate on mainstreaming the culture, heritage, history, etc. of her community in the long run. 

I would like to encourage women participation from my community. To all the women out there my wish and message is to not hide behind the curtain but to come out and shine


by Surita Chakma

Recently She was Hosting an event called My Home India  NESt Fest 2023

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