Disco Light : New Chakma Music Video a Fusion of Culture and Modernity in Chakma Music by Etimuni Chakma and Zeisha Chakma

Music has the incredible power to transcend boundaries, merge cultures, and evoke emotions. In the realm of music, the blending of traditional and contemporary elements has given rise to innovative and captivating compositions that resonate with audiences worldwide. In 2023, Chakma music enthusiasts are in for a treat as two talented artists, Etimuni and Zeisha, come together to create "DISCO LIGHT," a mesmerizing music video that seamlessly fuses the rich cultural heritage of the Chakma community with modern musical sensibilities.

A Glimpse into Chakma Culture

The Chakma people, an indigenous group primarily inhabiting parts of Southeast Asia and Northeast India, have a vibrant cultural heritage that encompasses music, dance, and art. Chakma music, in particular, has been deeply rooted in the community's traditions for centuries. It often features traditional instruments like the mandira and bamboo flutes, as well as lyrics that reflect the Chakma way of life, their history, and their love for nature.

"DISCO LIGHT": A Musical Collaboration

"DISCO LIGHT" is a music video that represents a fusion of cultures and a celebration of artistic collaboration. Etimuni and Zeisha, both talented Chakma musicians, have come together to create a unique musical experience that bridges the gap between the traditional and the contemporary.

The music video features a modern, electronic sound with a catchy beat, courtesy of Zeisha, that draws listeners in from the very beginning. The song is laced with Chakma lyrics, celebrating the language and culture. The Chakma language, known for its melodious and rhythmic quality, beautifully complements the modern sound, creating a harmonious blend that is both refreshing and culturally significant.

Visual Spectacle

In addition to its musical brilliance, "DISCO LIGHT" boasts stunning visuals that pay homage to the Chakma way of life. The video showcases the natural beauty of the Chakma homeland, with lush green landscapes, serene rivers, and vibrant traditional attire. It also features traditional Chakma dance forms, further immersing viewers in the rich tapestry of Chakma culture.

A Message of Unity

"DISCO LIGHT" is not just a musical endeavor; it's a message of unity and a celebration of diversity. It serves as a reminder that music has the power to transcend borders and bring people from different backgrounds together. The collaboration between Etimuni and Zeisha demonstrates the beauty that emerges when artists from diverse backgrounds come together to create something new and exciting.

A Step Towards Cultural Preservation

As indigenous cultures around the world face the challenges of globalization and modernization, artistic expressions like "DISCO LIGHT" play a vital role in preserving cultural heritage. By infusing traditional elements into contemporary music, Etimuni and Zeisha are contributing to the continued relevance and appreciation of Chakma culture among younger generations.


"DISCO LIGHT," the much-anticipated music video by Etimuni and Zeisha, is a testament to the power of music in bridging cultural divides and preserving heritage. This fusion of Chakma traditions with modern musical elements not only delights the ears but also celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of the Chakma community. As the video makes its mark on the music scene in 2023, it serves as a shining example of how art can bring people together and keep traditions alive in an ever-changing world.

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