S Bikash Chakma an Inspiration Of Many Chakma Youth

Sukra Bikash Chakma, well known as S Bikash Chakma. His father's name is Kalpa Ranjan Chakma and his Mother Juddha Lata Chakma. He is a Bangladeshi professional blogger from Chakma Community. Nowadays he has more than 100K followers on Facebook and many other Social media sites too. S Bikash stayed in Bandarban City, Tanchi Boli Para, Bangladesh.

Sukra Bikash Chakma an Inspiration Of Many Chakma Youth


From an early age, he hoped to do something for society through tradition and social activities. Because he has seen since childhood that people in Chakma community are moving forward with a lot of chest pains. This includes his family and parents. Because they are very middleclass family and people from remote areas.

The educational journey of S Bikash Chakma

He has studied in Balipara Bazar High School from primary level to 8th class in his education. After that, he finished SSC from 9th class at Comilla Orphanage High School. Then he got admitted to the college in Chittagong. Later, after graduating from Bandarban Govt. Degree College, he finished his studies.

Early Life of S Bikash Chakma

Basically, he worked in many private companies. But he is not satisfied with that profession. Because he wants to travel to different parts of the country with friends. So he records videos to keep as a memory through his smartphone when he travels. And uploads to various social media. His video has received quite a response on all those social media sites, which has aroused some interest in his blogging career. He then began researching blogging on various social platforms. After doing research, He learns that blogging is also a way to showcase their culture and do many things. From there, his blogging career began. He currently has more than one lakh followers on his social media Facebook page.

Aim and Motif

Since he makes his living from remote areas. Therefore, his main goal or objective is to highlight the livelihood of the tribals of the three hill districts of Bangladesh and the traditions and culture of the tribals in the remote areas.

Has ever prevented S Bikash from choosing this profession from his family or community?

My community and a lot of people say what I get by doing these. What a living you can make by doing this? What are you doing without doing a job after studying well? But what they don't know is that the joy that comes from doing these things and giving joy to others is too much. This is because, in this world, it is more difficult to give pleasure than to give people pain. People can easily make people cry, but there are very few people who can give joy.

And many people ask me why I make content in Bengali without making content in my mother tongue. The reason is that first of all, I am a Bangladeshi. Second, I don't want to limit my content to myself or my community. I want my content to be understood by everyone. It's because if we don't pick up the culture and heritage among people of other communities, how will they know about us. Thirdly, there will be about 5 percent in the world who understand Chakma language but almost all people of different communities understand the Bengali language. If we don't understand the language of the video, we don't enjoy watching the video of people. That's why I make content in Bengali.

Do you have an influencer you admire in this field of the profession? 

I want to give credit to my parents and my very close friends. Because they have been supporting me since I was a child and will continue to support me in the future without being interrupted. They never stopped me from doing anything good and never will.

S Bikash Chakma What are your plans for achieving in the future? 

I will start blogging about food only in indigenous food and culture. I would like to explore internationally, such as indigenous peoples living in Bangladesh and India, as well as indigenous communities in Asian countries and the Chakma community.

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